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Conjure the image of an international schoolteacher’s lifestyle. What comes to mind?

Perhaps the scene is one of palm-fringed beaches, lazy days and long sunsets; perhaps it’s of roof-top cocktails, gazing at the bright lights of a big city. Perhaps the image is of faded colonial architecture, of glittering Asian temples, or snow-capped peaks.


In all of these images, there is truth. International schools are found the world over, from Australia to Oman, St Lucia to Switzerland and in cities from Bogotá to Bangkok.


This section of the book examines how you can join this world.


To do that, of course, you are going to need a job.


Across six informative and engaging chapters, the authors ask you to consider whether you are right for international schooling and, no matter if this is your first overseas job or your fifth, where in the world you might like to go.


From there topics include the qualifications you’ll need to get employed (or promoted) and how to choose which schools to apply to. You'll then be guided through the quirks of international school recruitment, how to impress at interview, and what to check before you sign on the dotted line.

"This is a must have book.  There are hints, tips, do's and don'ts and a range of topics from coping with culture shock, legalities, developing your career and much more."

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