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Wherever in the world you find yourself, no two schools are alike.

In the diverse world of international schooling, that sentiment is doubly true.


You could, for example, join a franchised school in one country, move to a sister school elsewhere and find the experience completely different – with maybe only the school’s name, its logo, and the student uniforms feeling familiar.

However, there are commonalities.


There are themes which run throughout international schools.


As the book explores, from becoming an expert in English as an additional language, to teaching Third Culture Kids and championing safeguarding and wellbeing, from decisions on your career progression to your personal journey amongst fellow educational nomads, there are shared experiences. 


Through the voices of teachers who have 'been there and done that', the 'Guide' introduces you to what it's like to teach in international schools. Or, if you an an experienced international teacher, reminds you why you started the journey in the first place.

“I wish this book existed when I moved to international teaching; covers all of the burning questions everyone always asks”

"I will be recommending this to those applying internationally - it will save me a lot of conversations with those taking or having taken a wrong career turn every year!"

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