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International schooling is varied and complex; a world of diversity and difference, poverty and privilege, contradiction and constant change.


Alongside the delightful children, the professional freedoms, and the potential of a better lifestyle, there is also the reality of teachers awkwardly struggling with culture, language and dislocation, of missteps and mistakes, and of homesickness.


In this section of the book discussion moves away from the schools themselves, looking instead at how international schooling might affect and change you.


The authors examine culture shock and reverse culture shock, the joys (and travails) of travelling with family, they advise you on how to establish your ‘brand’ as an international schoolteacher, and how to manage uncertainty.


Chapters also consider the issues you might face if, put bluntly, you are not a White, native-English speaker: not all international schools welcome diversity to the extent their mission statements might suggest.


Over five practical and impactful chapters, the book reveals what you’ll experience on your international journey – the good, the bad, and the occasionally ugly.

"I found the advice super helpful in helping to plan my escape!"

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